Project 1


22 collaborators came together during Cop26 November 2021 to share knowledge and progress on the Race to Net Zero. The group was based on enthusiastic pub groups and the Peach supply chain and key suppliers.

Our goal was to speed progress to Net Zero by sharing knowledge and working together.

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Project 2


Enonkishu was founded to rewild 6000 acres of land on the edge of the Mara. Challenged to find a way of incentivising the community to voluntarily adopt mob grazing, Hamish Stoddart and 60 other donors donated the foundations of the Conservancy Herd in 2016.

In 2023, the supporters still raise money to stimulate growth of size of the herd. This project is recognised as one of the key cornerstones of the successful rewilding of Enonkishu.

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After The Clouds was founded by Hamish Stoddart and Peach Pubs in 2014 to separate not-for-profit activities from the operations of Peach Pubs.

Enonkishu and House in the Wild are the partner organisations in Kenya.

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About us

After the Clouds is a professionally run not for profit based on the projects led by Hamish Stoddart and associates.

The independent Board and accountants review progress and ensures that revenue generated and activities are in line with the purpose set out for each project.

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Our projects need funding.

Often to create efficient donation we will route donations via another charitableor supporting organisation. The live projects will have specific donation links.

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