Herds for Growth Update, July 2020

At Peach we continue to support Herds for Growth, a program we initiated in 2017 to support Enonkishu conservancy. Here’s the Herds for Growth latest quarterly report 

We are a now part of the Futures in the Wild program and Enonkishu Conservancy. Click here to see the formal report and the Enonkishu Conservancy update. To update you this time,  I thought I’d share some of the best videos that the Wild team have done in the last few years to remind you why we started the Herds for Growth.

We are still aiming for a herd of 400 in next 18 monthsNew births should help us move from 270 to 330, and we have to find a way of funding the herder costs as there is no tourism income to help.   And then ultimately in 3 years, the perfect sustainable herd of 700 with 150 sales per year supporting the community.  



Hamish is planning a trip early 2021, Covid willingIf you are keen to be involved please email him at hamish@peachpubs.com 

Herds in the Wild needs your support,  Enonkishu needs your support. Please do anything you can afford.

£1 Treatment of 2 cows for Trysanomiasis, disease transmitted through tsetse fly

£5 for a weekly dip for 40 cows, to prevent parasitic diseases

£10 for predator deterrent lights to keep herd safe at night

£20 to vaccinate 2 cows against East Coast Fever

£50 to repair 3 boma gates that build our predator proof bomas

£75 to pay a herder for a month

£100 to pay all costs for one of our calves to be cared for to get to motherhood and you get to name and be Sponsor for that calf

£200 to  maintain bomas for 12 months

£250 to buy a new Herd cow or buy a leg for £75

£2,000 buys a first class Boran Bull to help grow the herd and improve genetics

£25,000 is the annual cost of caring for and herding The whole Herd

If you fancy supporting, donate through our charity partner Wild Philanthropy as 100% of funds go to the Herds for Growth Program and are tax efficient 


Here are some links to my favourite 5 videos, perfectly demonstrating why it’s important to support Herds for Growth

The one to watch if nothing else, Wimboweh, 2020, In The Mara the Mighty Mara by the Wild team   

Leap of Faith, 2018How we started it was a “Leap Of Faith – A Rewilding Story”  by Chris Taylor Films  

Moses a landowner tells the story a landowner of Enonkishu  explains why Herds for Growth will work 

 Herds and Rewilding the Conservancy by one of the Homeowners who made a difference 

Corona Impact on Enonkishu, May 2020, by the Wild Team

Thanks for supporting and buying a cow.