Herds for Growth

In 2010, Tarquin and Lippa Wood created the Enonkishu Conservancy, in the Mara, Kenya, to help protect one of Africa’s increasingly fragile ecosystems.

To carry on their culture in the Mara, the Maasai landowners need sufficient income, whilst protecting and sustaining the unique wildlife and habitat. Unfortunately, Tourism alone does not provide the income needed, and new models to sustainable income is urgently required.

Making Life Peachy encompasses various ways in helping others, and each year we raise and donate funds, which mostly recently were used to buy a breeding herd of beef cattle for the Enonkishu community. The goal was to raise over £50,000 to buy a prime herd to support Maasai lives and the conservancy – with the profits being owned by the community. In September 2017, after months of fundraising led by Peach founder, Hamish Stoddart, a Peachy team of people travelled out to Kenya to buy the cows and deliver the herd to Enonkishu.

Since then, thanks to donations and great support, the Enonkishu Conservancy have improved cattle health and condition with collective herd management. 2019 saw two baby booms, resulting in a herd currently consisting of 259 animals.

In September 2019, Hamish returned to Kenya and provided a contribution to purchase a heifer for Herds for Growth, who will produce the second generation Boran Cross Calves. Receiving updates from the community is extremely rewarding and recognises how our work has improved the lives of others.

We continue to support the Enonkishu Conservancy, and their goals for 2020:

– To grow Herds for Growth in Enonkishu and neighbouring conservancies to 250 breeding cows and 200 calves maturing

– To manage all cattle on Enonkishu Conservancy with member satisfaction

– To be on track for 30 sales of males by 2021

– To be on track to deliver $50k income to the community by 2024

– To inspire 2 other conservancies to adopt our best practice grassland and cattle management

To date we have raised over £250,000 for good causes in Kenya, and continue to support them, as well as local and UK National Charities. We’re planning another trip later in 2020, if you’d like to find out more or donate, you can do so, here.