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How can the hospitality industry accelerate its journey to Net Zero?

The UK’s hospitality sector is responsible for up to 15% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, but multiple challenges – Covid, Brexit, persistent high inflation, high energy prices and the cost-of-living crisis – are hampering the industry’s ability to invest in Net Zero.

Net Zero Hospitality: Breaking Down Barriers was funded by a collective of hospitality companies with a shared commitment to climate action, brought together by Hamish Stoddart and facilitated by Clarasys and Net Zero Now.

The report explores examples of best practice climate action in the industry today and proposes solutions to the barriers preventing hospitality businesses from moving faster.

A free resource for operators, it signposts sources of information and support for those keen to protect the planet and boost business success.

The story of the race to net zero collective

The Race began in November 2021 as world leaders gathered in Scotland for COP26.

Peach Pubs founder Hamish Stoddart brought together a collective of like-minded UK gastropubs to collaborate on a shared journey toward Net Zero. Support was provided by ‘Good Big Suppliers’, ‘Purpose Led Brands’ and ‘Enablers’ (like sustainability consultants), all of whom brought
insight and learnings that support their racers on their journey.

The group pooled funding to convene supportive, confidential sessions to learn from others, hear from experts and discuss challenges in getting to Net Zero – facilitated by Sam Maguire of Clarasys, the management consultancy, Simon Heppner of Net Zero Now, the climate action platform and sustainability communications consultant Rosalie Hunt.

The group met throughout 2021 and 2022, then decided to share their learnings with the wider industry. They agreed to fund this report into the barriers preventing the hospitality industry from beginning the Net Zero transition as an important step in unlocking action from more businesses.

“The challenge on us all to make Net Zero happen as fast as possible is a huge one.  There is no Planet B.   Hospitality has a unique place in society and huge ability to influence the pace at which the UK gets to Zero. We have X locations,  Y employees often under 30,  and feed most of the UK population weekly. If we do it fast, communicate why well, we will influence everyone.

The leaders will gain huge advantages by going fast.”


“The key to Net-Zero is collaboration. Everyone is facing similar challenges and we need to come together to learn from each other and make action happen. The Race to Net-Zero is a great example of this in action.”

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Race Collaborators

This report and our learnings are the product of the collaboration. Many thanks to all those involved.

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The participants


Hamish Stoddart

Hamish Stoddart

CEO After The Clouds Foundation; founder, Peach Pubs

Sam Maguire

Sam Maguire

Sustainability Lead, Clarasys

Simon Heppner

Executive Director, Net Zero Now


Ros Hunt

Communications Strategy & Storytelling’